Tips On How Do You Start A Food Truck Business

So, how do you start a food truck business? With the food truck business rapidly expanding and now that the economy is favoring small, startup businesses with low overheads and small initial investments is certainly easier. Many cities have seen the explosion of food trucks and it has become an essential part of American food culture. The more successful food trucks have established their reputation and have become fixtures in their respective cities with their strong reputation drawing local customers as well as tourists from afar. However, setting up a food truck business successful requires a degree of knowhow and business expertise. Here is some simple advice if you’ve ever wondered how to start a food truck business.

Option For Setting Up A Mobile Food Business
One advantage is that setting up will be inevitably cheaper compared to starting a restaurant, where you don’t have to worry about monthly rent, plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation etc. However, there are cheaper options compared to food trucks like carts and kiosks. A complete retrofitted food truck can cost as much as $60K, however a used truck without all the fittings may be cheaper. The right sized truck depends on your business plan and what sort of food you plan to serve.

Creating the Menu
The food you serve will be a key factor in determining your success when you are pondering over on how do you start a food truck business. Part of your business plan should involve creating a menu that will be practical to serve, easy to prepare repeatedly in large quantities. You will also have to decide that based on the demand in the neighborhood of your planned location. If the area lacks a Middle Eastern restaurant, a falafel truck may be the best idea. People buying food from food trucks typically want that it should be easy to eat without sitting down and quickly served.

Deciding on the Location
Where your food truck is parked could make all the difference. Parked at the corner of a large office district, your truck could attract business during breakfast and lunch from hungry office goers who want a quick and tasty meal. Parking near major attractions like museums and parks could ensure that the tourist crowd keeps your business booming. Wherever you park, you will have to deal with parking fees, licenses and regulations and competition from local businesses and other food trucks, so keep all that in mind.

Also realize that part of knowing how you start a food truck business is learning all the health regulations involving food trucks. Each city and state has its own laws and some give health certifications to food trucks that can affect their ability to function

Food Vending Trucks For Sale | Tips Before you Buy

There are plenty of food vending trucks for sale but picking the right one out of them is the real tricky part. The first thing to decide is the type of food that you would be selling off of it and then of course you need to work out the costs of purchasing, repair, renovating and of course to that you will be adding the different expenditures involving purchase of food materials, various cooking utensils and other miscellaneous items. So basically before buying, you must be sure of what kind of business you want to establish from that food truck.

Ice cream trucks, fast food trucks and trucks that sell beverages like smoothies and coffees are all structured differently from inside. Although they might appear to be similar from the outside, it is the different fixtures inside that make it appropriate for that particular business. Ice cream trucks and those that sell milk shakes, sodas and smoothies require a simple arrangement and a few gadgets and storage appliances but food trucks that sell gourmet food or fast food are a bit more complex and require some heavy machinery like fryers, grills and oven etc.

According to their size and the machinery that has been fitted into it, these food vending trucks vary greatly in their cost. It would normally cost $30,000 – $50,000 to purchase a second hand food vending truck while a new one can easily cost around $100,000. After purchasing, begins the cost of refurbishing it. And that includes the cleaning, repairing, servicing and repainting of the truck.

Food catering business, whether it is done from a truck, a kiosk, a restaurant or even a cart, has to follow certain standards to be approved by the health department. A lot of attention has to be paid to the hygienic conditions of the facility and how the food is handled in the premises. A license to run a business also has to be attained and all of these things add to the initial cost of setting up a catering business. Once you have jotted down all of the primary expenditures, make sure to add in the cost of the advertising that is going to be needed to make consumers aware of your business.

Purchasing a food vending truck is the easier part in setting up a catering business from a mobile food truck. It is the extra running costs of maintaining and starting up the business which could prove to be a challenge. Therefore, it is imperative that you work out these costs before you look for food vending trucks for sale.

Gourmet Food Trucks For sale | There Is Always Room for More

Are you thinking of searching for gourmet food trucks for sale? If you are then that is certainly a good idea. Gourmet food truck business is growing by the minute. Did you know that there are already millions of food trucks operating in the U.S. and Canada and a few more are introduced to the streets every year? This clearly means that there is still room for you to buy a food truck and run an exclusive food truck business.

The thing is that the population is constantly on the rise and no matter how busy one gets, they still want to stop to eat something. But in this cold and hard time of recession, fewer people now want to sit down at a restaurant to have a meal; not only because it is probably going to cost a lot more than buying a meal or a snack off of a food truck but also because everyone is in the race against time. In order to go to a restaurant, one would have to cross streets in a busy time of the day, sit down in the restaurant, order from the menu and then wait for his order to arrive. But with a gourmet food truck, its altogether a different story.

A food truck is always available at the go instead of finding the time to go to a decent restaurant to have the meal, a food truck brings good food to busy people wherever they are. People step out of their offices and there it is – a gourmet food truck waiting to serve hungry employees who don’t want to order from their office canteen or don’t have the time to find a nice restaurant during their lunch hours.

Gourmet food trucks are slowly becoming a vital part of the culture in the States. Because of the fierce competition and the strict health code laws set by the health department, consumers are assured that they are going to find good quality food at a considerably lower cost from the gourmet food trucks.

Gourmet food trucks are plentiful and every year, you can spot a few more new ones by the beach or outside of your work place. But that doesn’t matter because if you have something worth selling to the public and the knowledge of how you are going to go about it then you will succeed; so go look for gourmet food trucks for sale.

Ice Cream Truck For Sale | Savor The Delights

Search for an ice cream truck for sale only if you think you can handle it. Ice cream happens to be one of the favourite food indulgences for both adults and kids but loving ice cream isn’t enough to become successful at selling ice cream off of an ice cream truck. There are quite a few things to take into account and many other things to master before you should actually go through with purchasing an ice cream truck.

One of the fondest memories of anyone’s childhood is the sound of the ice cream truck coming down on the street and kids from every home in the neighbourhood rushing out to buy ice cream in the hot summer months. And if you were one of the few kids who then dreamt about owning your very own ice cream truck when you grew older, now is the time to act upon it. The few things that you need to turn this dream into a reality are an ice cream maker, a few good ol’ grandma recipes, a freezer that would operate within the truck, a few fresh food supplies and of course an ice cream truck.

You will realize that not all of the items listed above are going to cost you a lot of money; in fact if you give it some time and compare the prices of a few second-hand ice cream trucks and maybe work your charm onto them, you might even be able to get a good discount on a truck that already has a fridge and comes with other machines and stuff that could come in handy to you.

But these are the very basic things that anyone would need to start an ice cream selling business out of a truck. Other more important things include gaining a license to operate. Did you know that you might not be allowed to sell ice creams from an ice cream truck in certain areas, towns or even states? And some of the places, which do allow, have a quota of how many ice cream trucks can operate in a specific area at a specific time. So before you jump into buying an ice cream truck, make sure you get all the necessary information regarding that truck.

Do your homework and work out the accounts and practicality before you actually start your search for an ice cream truck for sale.

A Food Truck Business Just Might Be the Thing for You

Food truck business is gaining wide popularity; not only amongst the consumers but also amongst young entrepreneurs aspiring to make it big in an economy that has been hit by recession quite a few times. But, like any other business, there are some solid plans to be made, some capital to be collected and some rules to be followed.

A 9 to 5 job is not for everyone; not because they are not learned enough but because they want to be their own bosses, driving their energy entirely into something that they love doing. And while a talented cook can pursue a career working in a famous kitchen, he would still have to indulge in many other petty tasks until he can become the main chef for that restaurant. Owning a food truck therefore presents itself as a workable option for those budding chefs in the society who are eager to show their talent and expression of cooking food to the public right away.

Of course they can also choose to build a restaurant which is easier to locate for everyone but starting a restaurant from scratch can cost a fortune if one wants it to gain some noticeable attention. For all such reasons and more, a food truck appears to be an attractive and lucrative option. For one thing, it requires much less capital to begin with; even an old truck can be repainted and renovated to appear as an attractive food truck.

Another appealing factor regarding a food truck is that the owner doesn’t require a lot of staff to work around it. Since he is going to be the main or the only cook, he only requires a helping hand who would aid him in serving, taking orders and cleaning up. Running a restaurant requires the owner to have enough at the beginning to cover the overhead expenditures before he could start making a profit through his sales.

This however doesn’t mean that there are absolutely no costs involved in running a catering business through a food truck. The owner has to absolutely ensure that he is maintaining the optimum hygienic environments inside the food truck which are required to run this business. Also the food produce that he will purchase should be acquired fresh every day to maintain healthy conditions even if it means that everything from the previous day has to go to waste.

Food truck business can prove to be a really lucrative one, but it will only get really popular when the owner ensures that all regulations are followed and quality food products are being served.

Startup Cost for Catering Truck for Sale

The catering truck business is certainly easier to get into as campared to opening a restaurant. Still, one needs to plan and think carefully before looking at catering truck for sale. It is major endeavor and the startup costs can be anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 or more. Moreover, the whole process may take several months. One also needs to look at the rules and regulations pertaining to these trucks in their state.

The Biggest Costs
When looking at those catering truck for sale and thinking of entering the venture, you will realize that the biggest cost is the truck itself. You might be able to get a used one for about $20,000, but will still need more money to equip it with the kitchen equipment and tools. The trucks catering to foodies in New York, LA and San Francisco tend to be more expensive. Some of these trucks are customized and the costs can go well over $100,000.

Renting it out
One can always rent the catering truck to lower the costs, but nothing can beat the satisfactions of owing your own truck in this business. Today, one will find a healthy market for used catering truck for sale and therefore having your own truck is not a bad idea at all. It is less of a risks and with just minimum of those facilities, one can start their business right away.

Licensing and Permits
Another major startup cost involves the licensing and permits, which can sum up to more than $10,000. These required licenses often include food handler certification, business license, business license, health certification, etc. These licenses and certifications are administered by the county or city where the truck wants to roam about freely. Many trucks would like to operate or run in different cities and the costs of the licensing fees may rise accordingly.

Catering truck owners cannot run the business out of their house and require to prepare the food in certified kitchen. They need to use a certified space for dumping the gray water.  The cooking facilities are in the truck itself and the customers can even see their meals getting prepared. It is the reputation and the stability of the food supplied by the truck that draws the crowds. Most of these catering trucks have their own fans and regular stream for customers. They are generally local families and office goers, who love the idea of eating outside a truck, with their fronds and enjoy a lively conversation with the truck owner too. Today, it is certainly convention and easier to start a catering truck business.

Great Eating Experience at Food Vending Trucks for Sale

Dining at a food truck is a localized trend as well as a national craze. After all, it is at these trucks that one can have some of the most delectable and mouthwatering preparations that are to be found only here. The business of food-truck dining is already a wide movement in the whole of America and not a newer segment. One will come across a wide number of food vending trucks for sale. They can be placed anywhere and serve just about any kind of food. The customers are from all walks of life and could be businesspeople, college students, office goers as well as the local residents.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
It is a norm to see people line up outside those food vending trucks during the lunch hours or breakfast time or evening snacks or supper. Each one has their own favorite place and a favorite meal to order. While some of these trucks serve any kind for food, others might be selling just burgers and sandwiches while some might be known for their ice-creams or crepes. The demand for the mobile food is on the rise and therefore it is no surprise to see a rise in the demand of these food vending trucks for sale.

A Great Eating and Social Experience
Dining outside a food vending truck is not only a great eating experience, but works as a nice social engagement too. Fans like to discuss their experience of dining at on Facebook and Twitter, post photos and follow different brands. Office workers like to spend some time outside their office during the lunch hours, sitting on those public benches or fold-out tables   in the associated seating area of the truck. The customers come face to face with the person who’s making the food, and develop instant relationships. They talk about the food and discuss the favorites. This is good for the business too as the owner of the food vending truck is able to gather some valuable feedback on his  food items straight from the customers and wherever he goes.

When looking for food vending trucks for sale, keep in mind the kind of food you plan to sell and where you want to run the business. Keep in mind the competitors around and how you can capture the local appeal. It works best if one is able to make use of locally grown ingredients that will not only cost cheaper, but will also be fresh and full of flavors.

Catering Trucks for Sale for Good Business

Owners of catering trucks can look forward to a good business and can make some good money even if this is a part time venture.  Generally speaking, one can make an upwards of $500,000 of revenue a year and the approximate breakeven point can touch $200,000. If thinking of such business and planning to look at some catering trucks for sale, you are sure headed in the right direction. Of course, you also need to be good in accounts and managing along with excellent culinary skills as well as being good with people.

A Booming Business
Many catering trucks are hitting these figures of sales and the business mess to be booming. Many restaurants are in fact closing down in favors of these mobile food units. With the rent of the restaurants climbing high, and the numbers of daily customers dwindling, selling food via these trucks seem to be a logical choice. Moreover people always seem to have a liking for the idea of ordering their food from a truck and eating it outside on the parking bench or while standing.

Popular With Customers
There are some delicacies that can be found only on those catering trucks and fans can swear by their experience. They like to bond socially with the owner of the catering truck and share their information on food or a certain recipe. This is a great situation to be in for any business owner as he is meeting new customers every day, getting their feedback and learning how to offer even greater food and better services. It is no surprise to see more demand for catering trucks for sale as well as a rise in their customers.

Business owners love the idea of catering business with trucks as this is not only the additional revenue for them, but a fun way of doing business too. In fact, some of these owners have years of experience working at a fancy restaurant. But, some of them can be fresh to the venture but are condiment of their mastery in kitchen. it is a pleasure serving to hungry crowds or professionals returning from work or those local families. You will hardly find a truck without its share of fans or having specialists of their own. Generally one sees more rush during the breakfast and the lunch hours as compared to the diner time. It is no wonder to find a higher demand for those catering trucks for sale.

An Unsaturated Market for Food Trucks for Sale

If you’re thinking of looking at food trucks for sale and getting into the business, you can be sure of entering an unsaturated market. Consensus shows the customer base for these mobile food joints have expanded over the years and there is still room for growth. There is actually a higher demand from customers than the supply of these food trucks. So, one should enter the business while it is still lucrative as the competition is going to get tougher over the years. Some cities like San Francisco and New York has room for new vendors.

 Promoting the Street Food Culture
The street food culture is fretting both popular and varied. The food trucks play an important role in bringing cheap food directly to the customers. These owners are willing to be more experimental and their menus are more flexible and accommodating to the needs of their clients. The social aspect of street food and eating with your colleagues and friends on the roads seems much more lucrative then sitting stiffly in some restaurant. Another aspect that attracts customers to these food trucks are the costs. An average meal can cost $8 to $12. The desserts or snacks can be cheaper and cost only $3-$5. It is simply impossible to find the variety of food as well as the quality elsewhere that one finds at these trucks.

 Adventurous Business
Look for the right food trucks for sale and pick one according to your needs. After all, the world of restaurants is a highly risky one. One can experiment with the freedom of owning a food truck. One can do different dishes every day, meet different clientele and can move their truck from one location to another.

Plan accordingly and carefully if thinking of starting a food truck business.  Survey shows that one can make some good money, but there are investments too. You should be confident of your culinary skills as well as communication skills and know how to bond with people over food. Look for suitable food trucks for sale for your needs and the kind of food you are going to supply. See if your style and food meets the expectations of your clients. It is not only about serving good food, but also bonding over good food. Try to know your customers better and give them great food and choices every day at breakfast, lunch, evening and supper.

Learn How and Where To Buy A Used Food Truck

Setting up a food truck is one of the easiest ways to get started for someone with culinary aspirations and his first thought would be where to buy a used food truck. Unlike a restaurant, establishing a food truck is relatively a lower financial risk and may have better success with customers if you have a sound business plan and a good marketing strategy. Food trucks are becoming part of the culinary scene in many big cities and several locations are changing regulations and allowing more and more food trucks to cater to customers. In cities like New York, some of the more famous food trucks are part and parcel of the city’s culture and attractions. However, one of the key steps to getting the business started is learning how and where to find a used food truck. For those just starting out in this business, buying a new truck may not be the best idea because of the higher cost involved. Moreover, the options for used food trucks are endless.

Online communities for food truck sales
The world wide web is undoubtedly the best place to look if you have no idea where to buy a used food truck. Popular websites like eBay have endless options and you may be able to find deals for as low as $5000. However, with online purchases on sites like e-bay, you do have to look carefully into the quality of your purchase. You may be better off spending a few thousand dollars more on a decent food truck than the most run down one that is being sold at a cheap price.

Search Locally
Also, there are other online communities besides e-bay selling food trucks. Look for ones that are local to your area to increase your chances of finding something convenient. You may even be able to check out your potential purchase in person. Keep an eye out for advertisements in the local newspapers.

The Accessories Of The Food Truck
Going online is the best way to find your food truck, but you should know about the essentials that come with a good truck. Whether the truck is fitted with the right kitchen equipment, the size and condition of the truck and what cooking appliances you will need to add are all good questions to ask before you rush into a hasty purchase.

Learning where to buy a used food truck is one of the best educational experiences you need as a food truck business owner. Finding the right food truck will set the tone for the rest of your business.